About Me

From the time I was a young child, and well into adulthood, I have loved photography.  In my home, I have dozens of shelves composed of album after album. Each and every photo brings back decades worth of memories.


My journey as a photographer has grown my passion. I began doing casual candids and stills in my spare time and have transformed the hobby into a career.  My time in college was spent learning and growing as an artist. I pursued a degree, at MSU – Mankato, in graphic design and minored in photography.  


While school taught me the foundation of what makes a good designer and photographer, it wasn't until my internship with Behind the Lens Photography, in Mankato MN where I became a great photographer and editor. My time at Behind the Lens Photography was spent learning and growing every day for 2 years.


In 2011, while deployed to Kuwait, I got the honor of being the unit photographer.  Of all of the many amazing and life-changing experiences I have had as a photographer, my time capturing our deployment was the most rewarding.


Upon my arrival home, I worked hard to start and grow my very own part-time photography business. 


In addition to working as a graphic designer full-time, photography is a huge part of my everyday life.  Whether I am chasing my little boy around with a camera, exploring the community for the perfect shot, or working with an individual or family for a scheduled shoot, I am looking at the world through with my camera lens.


With every shoot and client, I am reminded of just how fortunate I am that love what I do. My time spent capturing once in a lifetime moments, from a newborns first smile, a couples big day, or a long-awaited family get-together, is a constant reminder of how short and how sweet life is!

My beautiful family

Me and my amazing family. Everything I do is for them. My husband Andy, my son Lincoln (5) and my daughter Ella (2). 

My Equipment

I know there are some people out there who want to know what cameras I use. I use Canon! I love them, my first babies (haha). I have two Canon 5D's Mark III. My two main lenses are 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 2.8. I have other specialty lenses but these are my go-to lenses that I always have at the ready! 

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